By Kayla Smothers

Andy & Austin Chen at a convention in Las Vegas

As the coronavirus struck the nation, and the rest of the world, one of the categories that was hit the hardest were family owned, local, and small businesses. Another aspect that hit businesses hard was the decline in tourism. Today I will be focusing on the story…

By Kayla Smothers

Covid-19 has been an exhausting topic at this point. All businesses were affected and so were the people of the world. A topic that has not been exhausting though is how businesses, especially places like small businesses, casinos, etc. …

By Kayla Smothers

photo credit: @bonanza casino on Twitter

“I learn something every day and will continue to learn. You’ll never stop learning. Someone will always take you out, you will always be a sponge”, said Ryan Sheltra, the owner of Bonanza Casino, in Reno, Nevada.

Bonanza casino was founded in 1973 when Ryan’s father, Russel…

By Kayla Smothers

picture credit:

In the midst of quarantine and the pandemic, many people have turned to new hobbies like reading books and supporting local businesses. The appeal of books and the aesthetic of a bookstore has become a more looked at medium to spend time with.

Whether it be virtual…

picture source: @ ruthumohnews

By Kayla Smothers

From being a first-generation college student, to graduating with her bachelors and earning her graduate degree from Columbia University’s school of journalism, to being a part of huge journalism companies such as CNBC, Rolling Stone, Forbes and more, Ruth Umoh has a lot of experience and wisdom…

By Kayla Smothers

(image taken by Satori Movement)

Satori Movment, previously known as Hello Yoga, is a local business in Midtown, Reno, Nevada. Satori Movement sells a wide variety of essentials for dance, yoga, and even self-care items like essential oils and jewelry. …

By Kayla Smothers

The rate of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders is skyrocketing for college students. The question at hand is why? Why has depression doubled in rates and suicide tripled in rates? Why are these mental health issues increasing and becoming more a part of college student’s lives? There…

Kayla Smothers

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